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Samstag, 16. April 2011

Interview: Michael Larrson (Coldspell)

Coldspell veröffentlichten im Februar ihr starkes neues Album "Out from the Cold". Michael Larsson beantwortete einige Fragen zum aktuellen Album und so einigen anderen Sachen. Nun zum Interview......

Hi, I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you.

1. Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?
- Hi Michael , im still up to doin promotion for this new album, try to get some bookings so we will come out and hopefully rock in Europe. We are also planning for the next video and it will also as it seems now be released as a single. We are also in to some interesting projects that I unfortunately can not say what it is – not yet! Sorry for the teaser! But you will be the first to know :-)

2.   Could you take us through the songs on the excellent new Coldspell album “Out from the Cold” (such as ideas behind the songs, songwriting process)?
- Some of those songs been around for a little while as demos or just in my head! I did have about 25 songs/ideas to pick from to this new album and it just felt right with these 12 rockers. We did have some changes in the line-up and when the new bassplayer and drummer was in the band some songs just felt so right to have on this record when knowing that these guys will make them to what they should be like! I had the songs finished by the mid of may 2010 and we started to record the album on the 1st of June. I do write the songs but on some songs I have some co writers when it comes to lyrics and Niclas did the lyrics for 2 songs. There is so much to say about each and every song and for example the first track Heroes that also was the first video from that album is about our future – our kids! It’s a dedication to my daughter and all other kids that gives us hope in a world that is not so very pleasant from time to time with all that happens around us! The future belongs to them – so we better shape up!:-)

3. This is your first album for Escape Music. How did you hook-up with the label? Have you been pleased with the reaction to the album from fans and reviewers?
- Sorry to say but its our second release with Escape , we released the Infinite Stargaze album in early 2009. Guess they heard about us from a guy in UK Nicky Baldrian and also know that radio in UK where playin stuff from our demo nd in 2008 Khalil called me and wanted to sign us – simple as that, haha! Yes the feedback on the first album was amazing and with this new one its even better and it feels truly great when have been workin like a psycho with the album for over a year. That’s some kind of relief I can tell, we do get so much overwhelming respons and feedback both from magazines, webzines, radio and fans.

4.  Where does the band get their song writing ideas from and who musically is an influence on you all?
- I guess I get the ideas and inspiration from everything I grew up with. Most of the time its just something that pops up in this twisted brain of mine, haha! Guess artists and bands like Purple, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Priest, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Journey, Ronnie James Dio, Montrose, Kings X, Lynch Mob, Thin Lizzy, Ozzy, Dream Theater and many more is a big inspiration for me and for the band ColdSpell. The sound of ColdSpell is therefore some classic hardrock , some -80´s hardrock and some metal and progressive stuff too. So when combining these hardrock elements I hope you will come up with – ColdSpell  :-)

5.  Please tell how did Coldspell come together?
    - ColdSpell did become a band officially in 2005 but I guess this idea had been around for some years before that too. I use to live in the south of Sweden but moved up to Kiruna in the late -90´s and it took some time to find the right people and form the band . We started workin on some songs like Keep on Believin that I did on a demo a few years earlier with Ian Haugland (Europe) on drums and the rest you probably know – now  2 albums later we are a solid band with a great chemistry and everything feels just great! These new guys Perra Johansson on drums and Anders “Kebbe” Lindmark on bass have sure been getting this band to new hights.

6.   Are there any plans for live dates in Europe or specially in Germany and how easy/hard is it to get a decent run of tour dates?
    - I must say that its not that easy but with this new album release I feel that some doors have opened up and it looks like we will do some shows and maybe tourin around in Europe in 2011. What we have now that is confirmed its RockTemple in Netherlands in May and hopefully we can come up with a couple of dates in Germany too, also we are playin at the Z Rock 2011 in Birmingham in may. Then we also have a bunch of shows/festivals in Sweden this coming summer.

7.  If given the chance which bands would you like to tour with and why?
    - That’s a delicate question, guess I could mention a list full of bands but maybe Whitesnake or maybe Van Halen if they are doin a reunion tour, haha! Guess a Van Halen tour will be a real arena tour and cant think of any better way to spread the word of ColdSpell. :-)

8.  How hard/easy has it been to get yourself and your music known? How do you view downloads – do they help or hinder new artists?
    - I know with all that attention with the first album and all that stunning reviews and albumtoplists for 2009 it’s a bit easier to reach out but it still takes time to make ColdSpell a trademark and it feels with this new album that we have sure taken one step forward and with some touring hopefully it will be easier to get ColdSpell to be a more recognized band! Cause that’s what its all about – get out , play live and meet those fans. Guess there is nothing to do about downloads – I mean the times are changing and this is how it is in this music business at the moment, of course it could have been easier for bands to survive and maybe get to make a livin out of it if sellin albums. But on the other side its easier nowadays to reach out and get fans all around the world thanks to internet so I guess there is nothing to complain about! As long as I get to RocknRoll im fine, haha!
9.  What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?
- Im just this “don’t worry – be happy” guy so I really don’t know but one thing that’s bother me is all conflicts in the world and that disaster in Japan , that worries me a lot. What really pisses me off is if we don’t get to rock in Germany this year – then I get grumpy! :-)  

10.  Message to your fans...
    - Our music is for our fans and without fans – no band! I sure do hope we get to meet  and get a chance to rock your socks off in 2011. Hope you will check out our release “Out from the cold” and let us know what you think of it. Peace Luv and Hardrock!
Thank you for the interview and I wish you much success with the new Coldspell album “Out from the cold “.

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