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Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Interview: Gary Hughes (TEN)

Nach einiger Zeit, gibt es mal wieder ein Interview auf Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Diesmal hat sich GARY HUGHES von der britischen Band TEN die Zeit genommen einige Fragen zu beantworten. Also auf gehts ...

 Hi Gary , I am Michael of Melodic-Rock-Inside.com from Germany. Thank you for having time to answer some questions.

1. Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?

GH - Product wise I am working to record a double concept album later this year. Once again I hope to involve several vocalists on the project.
It is an original storyline and one I hope to see performed at some point if possible.
I am also scheduling up to write an album for an unknown female singer I’ve discovered with an incredibly strong voice. Watch this space.
I have also been approached in connection with writing a new Bob Catley album although this is very much up in the air at the moment with his Magnum commitments. I have to be honest and say that until the end of last year I had no desire to write anything else for Bob. This is still the case.
If everything goes according to plan there will also  be another Ten album completed before the end of the year. Hopefully to capitalise on any ground made by Stormwarning.
2. The new TEN Album "Stormwarning" was released at 18th February. Could you take us through the songs and some of the ideas/stories behind the songs please...

GH - The lyrics of each song tell a story and as such are pretty self explanatory as to their subject matter.
The lyrics explain themselves more clearly than I ever could.
Endless Symphony though is one which can bar further explanation.
I would say that this is certainly one of my very favourites on the album.
Lyrically it describes how a symphony can be compared to someone’s life.
From prelude to requiem. Birth to death.
It’s interesting that the moods and phases of a life can be described in musical terminology. The light and dark, happy times and sad, the fast moving tempos to the slow melancholic periods and passages in life.

3. How has the reaction been so far, from reviewers and fans to the new album?

GH - We are overwhelmed with the reviews and fan feedback so far.
Some are going as far as to call Stormwarning the best Ten album ever.
We have had hardly any negative feedback at all with many journalists calling this a return to top class form.

4. Where do you get your song writing ideas from and who musically is an influence on you?

GH - My lyrical inspirations tend to come from instances and experiences in m own life.
Films I’ve seen. Books I’ve read. News stories and the Events in the lives of the people around me.
Musically I feel that classical music has a great influence n my writing style.

5. The band have had a couple more line-up changes in the last years. What do you think the new members (Neil Fraser, Max Yates) were added by the band well?

GH - The chemistry within Ten now is better than ever.
Neil Fraser had worked with Paul Hodson in the past and was recommended to me as the best all round guitarist that Paul had ever worked with.
Vinny Burns and Chris Francis are big shoes to fill but he does this with ease.
Featuring a blend of technical ability and blues.
He has quickly made his mark on Ten’s sound.

Mark Sumner is the new Bass player in Ten.
Mark worked on John Halliwell’s solo project Ensign. He has a very strong voice in his own right and therefore adds greatly to the backing vocals in Ten alongside Paul Hodson and John.
He is an extremely technical and competent Bass Player.
Previously on Ten albums lots of the Bas has been programmed, with Shelly and Steve McKenna never having really featured on any Ten albums other that samples.
Mark Sumner joining Ten ensures that this will never again be the case.

Mark Zonder took care of the drums and is a remarkable musician and a great all round guy too..
We didn’t have a permanent drummer in Ten. We had a live drummer session member only.
Dennis Ward suggested Mark Zonder as a drummer he had worked with in the past and he recommended him initially to Frontiers.
Serafino at Frontiers was happy with this and gave the go ahead to approach Mark.
When we first approached Mark he wasn’t that familiar with Ten’s music.
He did amazingly well. In fact by the time the drums were finished he phoned me to tell me he was very sad that there were no more tracks to record.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mark again for the next album in the event that Ten just use session drummers for live.
Max Yates is in the drum seat for live but this may transpire to b the full extent of his involvement in Ten on a session basis.

6.  What were the highlights of TEN in the past? Looking back if you could change anything what would it be and why?

GH - There have been many highlights in Ten’s carreer. Too many to list.
If I could change anything it would be to have started Ten  a decade earlier.
If we had arrived in 86’ or 87’ I think we would have cleaned up.

7. Are there any plans for live dates in Germany and how easy/hard is it to get a decent run of tour dates?

GH - There are plans for sure but it is very difficult to nail down dates at the moment in this worldwide recession. We are trying our best to arrange things.

8. What do you like doing with your spare time outside of music?

GH - In my spare time I am constantly song writing. Spending time in nature. Walking and rambling, and also  I spend most of my spare time trying to be the best Dad I can to my two children. 

9. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

GH - Politicians with no backbone. Wayne Rooney at my beloved Manchester United and of course Serafino Periguino and the guys at Frontiers Records! (Ten’s record label)
They irritate the shit out of me!……….. ………………………. only joking ;-) .

10. Message to your fans...

GH -To the fans - Thank you for your unbelievable support over the years.
It seems to know no limits.
I hope you enjoy the album an I sincerely hope to see you all at a live venue near you
In the not to distant future.

Thank you Gary and I hope we will see us at tour in the future. I wish you much success with your album "Stormwarning". 

GH - Thank you for your time and your patience. 
All the very best,
Gary Hughes

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