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Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Interview: Hal Marabel (BAD HABIT)

Im Januar haben BAD HABIT ihr starkes neues Album "Atmosphere" veröffentlicht. Gitarrist Hal Marabel stellte sich einigen Fragen vom Melodic-Rock-Inside.com .

Hi.  I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some questions for you.

Sure, let’s go...

1.    Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?

We’re preparing for our official album release-party gig in Malmö, Sweden on March 11... It’s all sounding very good... ; )

2.  Could you take us through your excellent new album "Atmosphere" and some of the ideas/stories behind the songs please...

Well, it has been a great production process from beginning to end… It’s important that all band members connect with the songs at an early stage in the project… This time we aimed for a more powerful sound than on the previous album,,, akso for the songs to be a bit more core 80’s sounding…

3.  How has the reaction been so far, from reviewers and fans to the album?
Are you pleased with the reviews and reaction to it?

The feedback from the fans has been amazingly positive… and also from most of the media as well… We’re very pleased so far…
I think our slightly harder AOR style suits a wider audience…


4.  Where do you get your songwriting ideas from and who musically is an influence on you?

Well, I listen to all kinds of music so the influences are many… but it’s the melodies and the hooks that tend to come first when I write songs… where the rhythm section always plays a key role as well… It all needs to be ‘happening’… ; )

5.  What were the highlights of BAD HABIT in the past? Looking back if you could change anything what would it be and why?

I always believed that everything happens for a reason, so I really wouldn’t want to change anything… but if I had to choose, I would probably say that we probably could have played more live gigs over the years… before we all had our families… But it’s all good now though….

6.  Are there any plans for live dates in Europe or specially in Germany and how easy/hard is it to get a decent run of tour dates?

Well, as many will know… we’re not your average touring band… as we have families and very active daytime careers going… but hopefully there will be something in Germany again this year… We really enjoyed playing at the HEAT festival last year… ; )

7.  What piece of advice would you pass on to budding musicians wanting to start out today in the music business? 

The music industry is a strange world… and it’s easy to get swept away by the expectations of other eg record labels etc… So my advise would be to always stay true to yourself and your musical vision… The most important thing is that you can be proud of what you accomplish… play music for the right reasons… ; )

8.   Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?

Well, nothing scandalous going on nowadays… but we always have fun when ‘the guys’ get together to rehearse, gig or party… ; ) Many laughs when we recall fun stories from the past… crazy stuff from our young and wild days…

9.  What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

The vast amount of TV and Radio commercials that are really condescending to the audience… It’s amazing that people put up with it… Personally, I really sick and tired of most commercials… : (
Also, bad service is a real temper-swinger for me…. Especially in service professions where a certain amount of service is to be expected…
However, you’ve gotta take things for what they are and not let yourself get to worked up… it’s not good for you… ; )

10. Message to your fans...

Thanx for supporting the band with buying our new CD... we hope to see you live...

Thank you for the interview and I wish you much success with your excellent album “Atmosphere”.
Thank you Michael... ;


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