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Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Interview: Frankie Rich (BILLION DOLLAR BABIES)

Diesmal war mein Interview-Partner Frankie Rich von BILLION DOLLAR BABIES. Frankie beantwortete einige Fragen für Melodic-Rock-Inside.com, aber lest selber.....

Hi Frankie, I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you.

1. Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?
Oboy. So much is happening right now. I wish I could invite all you guys to our studio and office to see what’s up. At the moment we are putting a lot of effort in writing new material for the new album that is to be recorded in the end of 2011. At the same time we are jamming with two kick ass drummers that are fighting each other to become the new drummer of the band. Really good looking and talented players and no matter who gets the job behind our drums, this will bring a real kick in the ass to the band. We’re also preparing and working on new cool stuff for the new show which will be a kick in the balls for the audience.

2. Could you take us through the songs on your excellent debut album “Die for Diamonds” (such as ideas behind the songs, song writing process)?
Boys Nigt Out – There was a really cool club in our city two years ago. They had great DJs, music videos running on tv screens and strippers in cages. Basically EVERYBODY was there. We used to wait the whole week until friday came and we could go there and take home the great looking girls. It was awesome and I decided the club really deserved a song.

Highest Mountain – Is a song about not letting anybody put you down just like it says in the first words of the song. I’ve seen so many people who listen too much to idiots telling them what they are doing wrong and eventually they loose sight of what they wanna do in life. The moment you start listening to those people you are in big trouble. If you are gonna tell me how I should write my songs, act on stage or live my life, I’m gonna tell you to how fuck off in the quickest way possible.

Restless Minds – Describes the feelings of a break up from a long time relationship and finally moving on to see the new life that begins after.

Lose It – We tried to capture what goes on in our bodies before a show. Waiting backstage hearing the crowd while putting on our gear and feeling the adrenaline racing through. Finally on stage getting this unbeatable connection we get with fans and starting to picture what is gonna happen with some of the females once back at the hotel.

Key To My Heart – Meeting a beautiful person and realizing the first time you look into her eyes that you really want nothing else but getting her in bed.

Second Time Around – Crashing in to and old love from the past and immediately getting back to the times and the love you shared with this person.

Right On Time – Friday night, getting home from work, taking a shower and having a beer while listening to your favourite band and getting ready to meet up with the girl of your dreams.

Stand Your Ground – Was written about Cindy who had a hard time getting by. Working almost every hour of the day and sacrificing everything she has and even having to charge men to spend time with her in cheap hotels. There are so many people fighting every day just to get by and this song goes out to them.

Nineteen Ninety Four – Billion Dollar Babies is coming for you. This song should be played nationally on the radio as a warning the day before we arrive in Germany to give people a chance to run. Bitter enough, no matter how fast you run or where ever you hide, WE WILL FIND YOU.

We Don’t Live Forever – Came about from having a former bass player and guitarist who got stuck in gaming and did not do anything else but play computer games during a 6 month period. They would wake up around noon, have something to eat, become zombies in front of their computers for 5 hours, ordering pizza and then spending the entire night playing a fucking online game. They lost a lot of friends, lost 6 months of their life as 19 year olds and got fired from the band.

3. How has the reaction been so far, from reviewers and fans to the album?

Just overwhelming. We have been getting so great reactions from people from all over the world and we wish we could go on a world tour tomorrow. It’s easy to get carried away, but we got to focus on one part of the world at the time. We will not rest until everybody who loves our music has had the chance to see us live.

4. Please tell how did BILLION DOLLAR BABIES come together?

It came together from jamming with Joakim,, Rikard and Oskar from Sabaton in early 2005. We did a show as a 80s metal tribute band and after the show the drummer Robban and I sat down and said: Lets put together a band with the best musicians and the craziest fuckers in our city that are willing to pay blood to be in the band of our dreams.  

5. Are there any plans for live dates in Europe or specially in Germany and how easy/hard is it to get a decent run of tour dates?

Hell yeah. The dates will be on our website any day soon.
We are doing 10 dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in April/May.
Our booking agent told us it has never been easier booking shows. I guess the word has started to spread about our live act….

6. If given the chance which bands would you like to tour with and why?

We only wanna go on tour with cool people. No fucking idiots that are being a pain in the ass all the time. The main focus when going on tour for us has always been to have a good time, play music and to get laid. We’re not that hard to please…

7. How hard/easy has it been to get yourself and your music known? How do you view downloads – do they help or hinder new artists?

Downloads help artist to get their music world wide known. What it also does is that it takes away a big part of an artist income. In Sweden albums have lost their value in money terms and has more or less become a business card to the brand that is the artist.

I think the music industry has been a corrupt fucking club of a few major labels controlling what people should listen to. The downloading trend has really fucked the industry up and I think it will lead to a new and more open world where artist have to work more with their brands and where the music lover decides exactly WHO the want to see on stage.
Still, I will always demand that you pay me for my work if you like what I do.

8. Who have been the biggest musical influences on you and why?

KISS. Period.
I have never been so carried away from any other band.
It’s the whole package of songs, the look, the show and the feelings they induce.
If I’m feeling down, I put on a KISS album. If I wanna have a party I put on a KISS album. If I got a female visitor and my clothes are on the floor there is a KISS album spinning in my record player, you can be sure about it.

I can seriously sit and look at KISS pictures for hours and people who are not KISS fans do not understand this and think I’m crazy, but if you are a KISS fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

9. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

My day only seems to have 24 hours…

10. Message to your fans...

Guys and girls this is only the beginning. We are so glad the album is finally out and even happier about coming to see you live in just a few months. Keep sending us emails and keep visiting our website to get info about the shows.

Much love
Frankie Rich

Thank you Frankie for the interview and I wish you and your band BILLION DOLLAR BABIES much success with the debut “Die For Diamonds”

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