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Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Interview: Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle)

Hi Rock-Fans, es steht wieder ein Interview zum Veröffentlichen an. Diesmal mit keinem geringeren als mit ZAK STEVENS von CIRCLE II CIRCLE. Vielen dürfte Zak auch noch bekannt sein aus seiner Zeit bei SAVATAGE.
Hi Zak, I am Michael and welcome to Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you.
Thanks Michael!
1. Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?
We are currently touring and promoting our new CD, Consequence of Power. We just finished our European tour in October and we are now on tour in November and December 2010 in the U.S. Heading into 2011 we’ll be heading to Brazil in early February and then back to Europe in Spring 2011.
2. Could you take us through the songs on the new CIRCLE II CIRCLE album “Consequence of Power” (such as ideas behind the songs, song writing process)?
The song writing process has pretty much been the same for the last 3 CD's. Mitch, our bassist, writes the music side of things and I write all the lyrics and melodies. As for the story itself, I would say it's a CD you have to put in and listen from beginning to end to follow the whole story line. We developed the story line and each song represents a chapter in the story in order as it occurs in the story. Judging from the feel of the song riff in the beginning of the writing process for each song, we decide where the song might fit into the story and then we go from there. The song and the music feed off each other and the story and the music are both affected by each other. It’s a really fun process writing these CIIC concept albums.
3. How has the reaction been so far, from reviewers and fans to the album?
We're getting GREAT reviews from the fans AND from the press. COP is making noise out there already! Now that we've been touring it, we're seeing it face to face with the fans! The dedication of our fans is incredible, and they are singing the lyrics right along with me even more than usual on songs from this new album.
4. What's in the pipeline now?
We're going to continue to tour throughout 2011. At that point we'll probably take some time to write another CD. Mitch is already working on music for number 6 and I must say the stuff I've heard so far sounds amazing. We’re dedicated to a new five year plan for touring and album making that will be far more extensive than anything we’ve done in the past, so get ready…..

5. From your career to date what would you change in hindsight if you could and why?

Looking back there all always things you wish that could happen differently. The music business is very difficult, even through so-called “good” times. So there isn’t a lot you can actually change even if you wanted to. In my situation, I took the positives and the areas of strength and continued my career after Savatage, so my path was pretty obvious. So now CIIC has completed five albums in eight years, which is pretty much exactly what I was able to accomplish in Savatage. So the release of C.O.P is a milestone for CIIC in a way. I’ve just sort of gone with the flow of events throughout my career and made the necessary adjustments along the way. I think that’s really all you can do in this business nowadays if you want to weather the storm.

6. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?
To tell you the truth, every show has a set of tales so the tales are endless in rock-n-roll. But one of the oddest things I saw was when we were in Brazil with Savatage, a crazy fan jumped on top of our tour bus and the driver sped away to try and get the guy off the top of the bus. That’s dangerous to begin with, but the fan grabbed on and laid on top of the bus as we sped through Sao Paulo. We then called the man “The Chupra Cabra”, and finally the guy jumped off the bus into a grassy ditch and rolled for about 20 feet, but he got up and continued walking. It was one of the scariest and strangest things I’ve ever seen on tour….
7. How hard/easy has it been to get yourself and your music known? How do you view downloads – do they help or hinder new artists?
It's an entirely different business now than it was when I was in Savatage (and Machines of Grace before that). Now everyone has a studio in their house and can release pretty good sounding stuff. With the influence of the internet you can now have music heard by millions of people on MySpace or Facebook. I would say the positive is that side of it is that people can check you out without having to purchase the music right away. The negative side is that it's so easy to get music out there, the market is now very saturated and people are getting new records for free which is putting a lot of music labels out of business.
8. Who have been the biggest musical influences on you and why?
Growing up as a kid in the 80’s and 90’s, I was pretty much influenced by singers like the late Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Davis Coverdale, Geoff Tate, and previous music at the time like Deep Purple and Ian Gillian, and Boston, for example.
9. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?
Since it’s the holiday season and all that, there are a lot of home shopping networks blasting their products and the salespeople on those shows have to use their hands dramatically and often while they sell the products on the air. They’ve obviously been told that you can sell more products if you wave your hands around in the air profusely and ridiculously. So at the moment, this is very annoying to me and I want to throw the TV through a window if I’m forced to watch this Home Shopping Network any longer!!!
10. Message to your fans...
Thanks so very much for your undying support! Without you, we couldn't be CIIC! And we know that more than anyone…We’ll see everyone soon in spring/summer 2011 in Germany, and we can’t wait to take the stage for you once again.
Thank you and I hope we will see us in the future in Germany. I wish you good luck for your new album.
Thank you Michael! We'll be seeing you again real soon!

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