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Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Interview: Fabri Kiareli ( Fabri Kiareli's F.E.a.S.T.)

Einer weiteres Interview ist die Tage fertig geworden. Heute kommt das Interview mit Fabri Kiareli. Erst am 22. Oktober veröffentlichte er mit Fabri Kiareli's F.E.a.S.T. sein Album "Rise" und hier beantwortet er meine Fragen:

Hi Fabri, I am Michael and welcome to Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you.

Thanx to you Michael!

1.Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?

Right in these days me and the boys in the band are rehearsing the album material.

2. Could you take us through the songs on your debute album “Rise” (such as ideas behind the songs, songwriting process)?

Not every song came out with the same process, obviously. Usually I come up with a guitar riff while I’m jamming watching the tv… when I feel I got something interesting, I record it and start to build things around it. Sometimes this takes only few hours, some times I spend weeks over one song before I’m satisfied, trying different melodies and chord changes. Obviously this depends from song to song… slow or more articulated ones need more suffering to come out. I’m talking about songs like Feed The Hunger, Dangerous Love, Cold Hearted, Broken Dreams and especially The Meaning Of Life, all tracks with key changes and different moods into them. On the other side the aggressive hard n heavy ones flow very easily from heart and mind to ears and hands… you know, stuff like Fire And Dynamite, Love Renegade, Burning Fever. Some others came out almost spontaneously then I fixed some things I didn’t like… then after all the  melodies are ok, I start writing the lyrics.
I wrote about different topics: believing in ourselves and doing the best to achieve our goals (Feed The Hunger), about wrong relationships (Cold Hearted), about everyday’s little fights and misuse of power for meaningless achievements (Win Or Lose). Broken Dreams speaks about those perverted minds that do that sad and horrible sexual abuse on helpless children. Stormwind is about a God that finally goes crazy and sends his infinite wrath to the irretrievable human being … which is a thing I believe we deserve and that’s also written in the Bible’s Old Testament. Another one is about not going after futile things like some reality tv shows where stupid people sell their tears and sell their private affairs to reach money and fame for one day, instead of having deeper goals. Fire and Dynamite is about the great power that builds up when the energy of a performing band collides with the energy of a screaming audience… some other songs are about fatal and not very healthy attractions (Dangerous Love, Shock Me).

3. Have you been pleased with the reaction to the debut album from fans and reviewers?
Oh yes definitely! I must say that almost all reviews were excellent until now, lucky me! I’ve had only a couple that weren’t positive 100 % (and that was in my country, very funny!!!), but never a negative one. The fans are really excited with the songs and who got the cd is already under the stage singing the songs… but that’s not fair because they’re fans, ah ah ah!

4. Are there any plans for live dates in Europe or specially in Germany and how easy/hard is it to get a decent run of tour dates?

I already tour almost all the time doing about 100 gigs every year. Me and my band are always travelling in Northern Italy playing hard n heavy classics like Whitesnake, Zeppelin, Rainbow, Kiss, early AC/DC, Scorpions, Iron etc . We perform under the name of Mister No and we got a lot of fans in our area. So for me came a time when it was a natural thing shifting from the covers to the original material under the monicker of F.E.A.S.T.
We still perform covers as Mister No and we already insert some songs from “Rise”. By the end of November we’ll be doing some shows entirely as F.E.A.S.T. playing only original material.
I wish I could come to Germany to perform live the cd, but it’s not easy to find a booking agency unless thousands and thousands of copies are sold. I already had the same question in some previous interviews, so I guess there is some interest around Europe with F.E.A.S.T. but I think it’s a little bit early to define that. Maybe you or somebody in your magazine can help us find the right booking agency for Germany!!! Ah ah!!!
And trust me… this band knows how to play and fire up the audience, cause it’s years that we’re doing that!

5. So I see you have a performing band. Why did you record all instruments by yourself, with the only exception of the drums? Is there a reason why your band mates didn’t took part in the recording of the album?

Well, on a first moment, I wanted to involve all the band. I had a large part of material already written and I wanted to rehears it with the band before going in the studio as everybody would do. But when it came to the real deal, two ex members (second guitar and bass) did not agree with the choice of making a step further. They were ok with playing covers and nothing more. I had everything in mind, like arrangements, structures, melodies, rhythms but they didn’t wanna spend time and energy for the record, maybe because we also had personal problems with our personal egos… Only Mao Granata, the drummer was with me. I knew that we reached the point of no return so I started recording all by myself while kept on doing the cover live shows with the old line up. In the mean time we started looking around for new members to replace the ones that were about to be fired, but I found them only when the recording sessions where almost finished. There was only a little space left for a guitar solo, so I thought it was a cool idea to let the new comer Luke Ballabio to fill that space!!! The other new guy is Angel Perini on bass… They’re both really talented and brought the band to the level I wanted. What’s funny is that they’re both old friends of the band. We had the solution just around the corner while we were looking far beyond!!!

6.  This is your first album. How did you hook-up with the label “Avenue of Allies”?
To tell the truth I haven’t been looking around very much! My dear and close friend Ale Del Vecchio from Edge Of Forever was working as a producer for some artists in Avenue Of Allies. He suggested Gregor Klee, the main man in AOA, to check my website and listen to some of my song previews. Greg liked my stuff so we met in Italy, had a talk and felt we could work together! I must say the record label is doing a nice job with the promotion. I’m endlessly thankful to Ale!

7.  In an ideal world who else would you like to work with and why?

Eric Clapton and David Gilmour… not really working with them, but silently having the chance to be that close when they work so to breathe some of their infinite magic. I would say also Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Steve Perry and Stevie Wonder. Aaaah… I could cry rivers of tears!!!

8. How hard/easy has it been to get yourself and your music known? How do you view downloads – do they help or hinder new artists?

 I don’t think my music is world wide known at the moment, ah ah ah! Let’s say I’m still working at it. Anyway it’s always been a hard road and always be, because I’m not making music like that shitty Lady Gaga /  Black Eyed Peas stuff or similar… I’m playing what I love without having in mind how much money I can earn. Unfortunally hard n heavy rock doesn’t seem to fit in the high chart positions!!!
I must say that if we want new artists to grow we should buy music instead of downloading it. But on the other side, I suppose that for upcoming artists, free sharing is a good way to get known. No matter how, what’s important is to have your songs played in the larger numbers of mp3 players and in every house or club that wants to play my music. Then if one day I’ll be famous, I’ll start to reconsider if downloading is good or not for me. But if I was Elton John or Bono Vox I wouldn’t care, because I’d already have money to last until the end of time when I get paid 100,000 EUR for a two hours concert!!!

9. What do you do in your spare time outside of music?

What’s spare time?!? I wish I could have some one day!!! I spend those few hours left in the week with my children and my wife.

10.  What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

Three things: 1) people who believe or say that they’re good in doing something but don’t know anything about it. 2) Misunderstanding… it takes one second to destroy something with the wrong words, but it needs a year to fix it!!! 3) That fastfood thing that commercial music has become… no heart, no passion and no sense of art at all in that MTV or similar. It makes me really sad…

11.  Message to your fans...
Few words from one of my lyrics: Find the love, live your dreams and hold on to what you believe… and of course come to our shows when we’re next to your town!!!

Thank you and I hope we will see us at tour in the future in Germany. I wish you good luck with your album "Rise".

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