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Montag, 30. August 2010


Wieder konnte ich ein Inteview machen, diesmal mit TONY HARNELL. TONY HARNELL ist der ehemalige Sänger der Band T.N.T. und von WESTWORLD sowie STARBREAKER. 

Hi Tony. I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you .
1. What are you currently up to?

Preparing for Norway Rock Festival and doing interviews for The Mercury Train:)

2. Your new album is a special one. How did you find the musicians for the band?

They were all friends of mine in New York, it was an easy thing to do. We'd done some shows together with this line up already before we recorded the album so it was a natural choice for me.

3. You put old song from your previous bands as Westworld, Starbreaker and TNT in new arrangements. I think “Inuition” and “10000 Lovers” sounds better than the original ones. How did you hit on that to put the songs in new arrangements?

That was kind of the point of the whole album, to try and bring something new to the old songs and still stay true to them somehow. I didn't want to just do an acoustic album, I wanted to do something special with these songs.

4. What is your favorite song in your carrer and why?

Tough question. I don't know if I've written it yet:)

5. Are there any  plans for a similar tour and possibly Germany dates?

I'd love to bring this band on the road, we'll have to see how the album does and what the demand is. Hopefully it will be good!

6. What is in the pipeline now?

Some shows with my Swedish solo band in Europe and then back home for a bit, some recording sessions are planned and more writing on the solo album and then in November I go to Spain for the month to perform in Queen Symphonic which is really exciting. It's Queen songs performed with a 45 piece symphony orchestra.

7. What were the highlights of your time in the rock business so far?

Japan tour 89, European and the US tours 87, Westworld albums 1998-2002, Transistor writing sessions 98, My Religion recording sessions 2002/2003, Sweden 2006-2007.

8. How do you view the current music scene? Have you seen an upswing in interest over the past couple of years in metal and hard rock?

Not sure? Just seems to me that no one is selling albums anymore which is really sad. But I do see young people getting interested in our music and that's exciting.

9. How do you view the internet and downloads? How has the internet helped get your music out there?

I'm sure it helped in some ways but it has hurt as well. It's put financial strain on all of us artists and made it more difficult to keep things going.

10. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Irresponsible greedy people caused this 

disaster. We have enough problems with natural disasters but when humans cause things they are usually much more damaging to the environment.

11. Message to your fans...
Thanks for all your support over the years! Hope to see you soon!! Lots of love, Tony

Thank you Tony and I hope to see you may be on Tour in Germany and good luck with your new album.

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