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Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Interview: SHINING LINE - Pierpaolo Monti

Jetzt ist es soweit und ich habe ein neues Interview für Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Mein Interviewpartner ist der Kopf, Songwriter und Schlagzeuger von SHINING LINE. PIERPAOLO MONTI.
Hier ist das Interview im Orginal:
Hi Pierpaolo, I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you .

1. What are you currently up to?

Hi Michael! First of all greetings from Italy and thank you for this interview together, is a pleasure for me to be here on Melodic-Rock Inside!
This is busy period for me in the promotion of the Shining Line cd, with a calendar full of stuff like interviews and other things like this… but all in all, it’s a great moment with my album finally out in the melodic rock market! For this please let me send a huge thank you to Gregor Klee, the boss of Avenue Of Allies, who is doing an incredible work in the promotion of the Shining Line cd!

2. Could you take us through your excellent album 'Shining Line' and some of the ideas/stories behind the songs please...

Shining Line represent my lifetime dream now come true, I worked really hard to make it possible together with my mate Amos, and now we’re so enthusiastic about it!
The overall process of writing, arranging and recording all the songs it took at last 3/4 years, and especially it’s been an important investment from the financial side. That said, what we have now in our hands is absolutely what we always had in our dream, a professional AOR album with a huge bombastic sound and a “royal” cast of more than 30 guests coming from all the sides of the world, the greater part of them known as some of the most famous singers and musicians of the melodic rock scene.
In my songs I use to speak about arguments like personal stories, feelings and other things like these, but some of the lyrics go also to treat more actual subjects like as I’ve done in “Homeless’ Lullaby”, where I tell a story of a man that lost all in this difficult period, getting himself to face the hard life on the street without a home.
The album also contains the song “Still In Your Heart” (performed by the wonderful duet composed by Bob Harris of Axe and Sue Willetts of Dante Fox) which represent for a very important song, that I wrote some years ago for a close friend of mine, a girl called Simona. She was passig through a very hard moment in her life, and I thought to write this song to try to help her to come out from it.
Anyway any song contains a special story and/or message, what I can suggest to do is to listen to them with the booklet on your hand to read them carefully!

3. How has the reaction been so far, from reviewers and fans to the album? Are you pleased with the reviews and reaction to it?

I can say that I’m a little embarrassed for the astonishing reaction gained by the album until now, sometimes I can’t believe of what I’m reading inside the reviews or the comments of the fans around the web!
What I wanted to with Shining Line was to build up an album full of those elements that every AOR fan search inside his favorite music, just like great hooklines, big vocals, huge choruses and a deep bombastic sound. I’m first of all a deep fans of this kind of music, in my personal collection I own more than 4000 cds covering only all the melodic (hard)rock styles, and with Shining Line I’ve tried to explore all the sides of the music which I love to listen, breathe and live, putting in it all my emotions and deep love for the AOR world.

4. You have a lot of top name guests involved on your album including Robin Beck and Harry Hess . How did you meet up with them?

It’s been a long adventure, started thanks to my role of editor in chief of Hardsounds.it, one of the most known rock/metal websites in Italy. With it I had the immense opportunity to be in contact with some of my favorite artists, that I reviewed and/or interviewed being honored to do it!
I also use to support with Hardsounds some booking agencies in my country, and this allowed me to meet personally some of the guests of the cd, included for example Michael Voss that also take care of the fundamental sides of mix and mastering.
What I can say is that I’m astonished to see of how every guest brought an invaluable contribution in the songs where he/she was involved, putting inside every single song of Shining Line a real and unquestionable light. Please let me send through this interview a big thank you to all the guests involved for their incredible work on my album!

5. Where do you get your songwriting ideas from and who musically is an influence on you?

Regarding my influences, as I was saying few rows behind, I’m a deep supporter (and collector!) of all the melodic rock styles, starting from the chrome Class Metal sound to arrive to the relaxed and smooth westcoast/AOR style.
I buy every month tons of new releases of my favorite music, I love to listen to both new names of the scene, legends of the golden era and forgotten gems lost inside the infinite AOR book.
Talking instead about the songwriting, I usually take my inspirations from all the music I listen, movies, TV series, and, most of all, personal experiences. I love those songs where you can read a true story between the lines of the lyrics.

6. What's in the pipeline now?
What I’m doing now is dedicate totally myself to a full promotion of the Shining Line cd, and working also on a mighty japanese release of the cd, which should contain an alternative bonus track called “This Is Our Life” (which should replace the european bonus track “Follow The Stars”).
At the same time I’m writing a lot of new music, I’ve already ended the songwriting for 8/9 brand new songs, which I hope to record in future for a mighty chapter numer two of Shining Line. The only problem regarding this is related to the money needed, ‘cause I’ve invested together with Amos a big amount of them for the debut album, and I need to recover at last a good part of it to make the second album possible. I’ll keep my fingers crossed… ;)

7. Who are your musical heroes and why?

I have a true respect for all the bands, solo artists and musicians that play (and played) melodic rock music with great passion, ‘cause I love this style of music from the deepest corner of my heart. If you would like to know what I use to listen every holy day, you just have to take a list of melodic rock bands which start from letter “A” to “Z”, and you’ll surely find a lot of the names that I play everyday in my stereo!
If I have to mention just one name who is responsible for this passionate love for AOR music, I can say without doubt Bryan Adams, ‘cause my life changed in the early nineties thanks to the music of this for me invaluable artist. I must thank Bryan if, today, I’m here talking about my personal debut cd.

8. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?
One of the things which really gets on my nerves is to know that some of the AOR fans of the golden era refuse to listen to the music of the new comers of scene, considering it “too modern” (LOL) and incapable of propose music which is in some way at the same quality of their favourite names. You can understand that this is really stupid, ‘cause they risk of missing a lot of very good releases, and this finishing to look for them some years after on ebay or similar sites with a very high price. This is simply ridiculous.

9. Message to your fans...

Michael, first of all let me thank you for this very pleasing interview, for me it’s a real honor to have this chance to be featured here on Melodic-Rock-Inside. From a true melodic rock fan, I would like to thank all the supporters of this music for their endless belief in the melodies which keep our emotions alive everyday! Rock on!!!

THANK YOU, Pierpaolo for that great and friendly interview. I wish you all the best for your Band/Project SHINING LINE und and the current CD. Also I hope that your wish come true for a second one!!
Keep on rocking!

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