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Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Interview: Jorn Lande

Das nächste Interview für Melodic-Rock-Inside.com wurde mit JORN LANDE gemacht. Jorn ist vielen bekannt als Solokünstler oder als Sänger der Band MASTERPLAN.
Hier ist das Interview:

Hi Jorn. I am Michael from Melodic-Rock-Inside.com. Thank you for having time for the interview. I have some question for you .
1. What are you currently up to?

Just played the sweden rock festival, and will play fesivals almost every week this summer.

2. Your new Solo album titled “Dio” is a homage to Ronnie James DIO.   How important was Ronnie James Dio for your carrer?

Because of Ronnie James Dio I never gave up my dream to become a rock
singer. When most other artists changed their style and direction to fit a new trend trying to suit the market, Ronnie stood on the barricades and did what he believed and loved to do.

Ronnie was true to his heart, and became a rolemodel and example for me to follow. When I was insecure about which way to go, and not sure what to do with my carrier, I only had to look to Ronnie to recapture my focus and fire.
Because of his presence and never ending strenght, I never lost the will to go on.

I also wish to give Ronnie the credit for not only making me a better
singer, but also a better person. In a world of arrogance, he represents the opposite. Many people are too busy trying to reinvent the wheel, forgetting the
talent, quality and originality of the people that paved the way, like Ronnie James Dio. I toured with Ronnie about 10 years ago and he is the kindest, most caring and sincere artist I have ever met. If the world had more people like him, it would be a better place.He cared for people, was lojal to his fans and showed much respect and gratitude for the lojalty that his fans showed him. He will also forever remind me that I'm never gonna be too old to rock.


3. His dead is a grievous loss. One of the best singer in the rock business left us. What was your first thought when you heard about his death?
I recieved the message that he had passed away one hour before I was about to go on stage to play a Jorn show here in Norway.
I was totally shocked and It made the concert very emotional. When I announced the sad news to the crowd, I could see many people break down and cry.


4. When did you have the idea of the tribute album “DIO” ?

Parts of the album was recorded last year, but some of the songs were recorded late 2008, during the same period as we did Spirit Black.
The original "Song For Ronnie James" was written in 2009 and recorded this winter, but I already had the idea to write a song to honor Ronnie a long time ago.


5. Which song from Ronnie James Dio is your favorite song and why?

There are too many great songs to choose from, It's not possible for me to choose only one.  I have found a favorite song on every album he ever made, and they all have their own magic. Ronnie always channeled from the heart, and if he truly captured you, you would not be able to favorize one song only. Many people only talk about albums like Holy Diver and Last In Line, probably because they don't really know all his work..or they never took the time to listen to the other Dio albums. If you are a true fan of Ronnie James Dio, you will know what I'm talking about.
6. On a lighter note, in the last month the new Masterplan album “Time to be king” released. You sing with peak performance. How did it happen that you come back to Masterplan?

We already talked about it in 2008, but I was too busy and had no time to work on a new Masterplan album till about one year later.
They were willing to wait for the right time, and the album was postponed. Then Roland came to see a Jorn show in Budapest, and we talked about how and when to schedule everything.
We already had some song ideas floating around, and me, Roland and Axel met several times to work on songs. We had writing sessions in Norway, Denmark, germany and Slovakia.


7. Are there any plans with Masterplan for a European/Germany tour?

At the moment there are no shows booket, but if the album does well we might consider it.

8. How hard/easy has it been to get yourself and your music known? How do you view downloads – do they help or hinder new artists?

There will always be new ways in business, and many has already been developed and established. Promotion through facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube are already common and important tools to promote a product, and if album sales are low these days, there are so many new alternative ways out there right now.....What about start selling the Jorn pod?
So many bands that wouldn't even get a record deal 20-30 years ago, can now produce their own albums due to modern technology. Our new technology works in many cases as a substitute for the lack of real talent, and when everyone can do it, the market is flooded with artists and the real talented ones will often drown. These are hectic times with a lot of information to handle, and to have the availability to choose is a good thing, but do we have the time to look for the good stuff?  Too many bands are trying to get attention at the same time. I think we are going back to basic in some ways and into the future in other ways. People seem to appreciate a great live band more these days, and I think the real good bands will survive in the long run. To have a clever business strategy that might bring you fast success is one thing, but going down the long hard road building a solid fan base over a longer period of time, still works well. The download problem is problably only temporarily, and readjusting to a new system that works better will take it's time. It wasn't without damage we went from Vinyl LP'S to cd's in the 80's either, and big changes will always be a problem to some, but a new way of thinking solution to others.


9. Any good rock 'n' roll tales to tell?
Too many for this interview;)

10. What really gets on your nerves and really annoys you at the moment?

The tax man....

11. Message to your fans...

Thank you all for the support through all these years, it's because of you I keep going.
Thank you Jorn and I hope to see you may be on Tour in Germany and all the best for the future.
    Thank you and all the best to you too:)

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